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Initial Consultation
Needs Analysis

Design /
Concept / Project Development

Workshop / Project Application

Completion and

Delivery and Final Evaluation

Asaf Atelier
Every interior architecture project is unique and these stages may vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. As an interior architecture office, we manage these stages meticulously and cooperate with the customer at every stage to ensure the successful progress of the project.
İç Mimari Tasarım

Initial Consultation and Needs Analysis

    • First meeting and meeting with the customer.
      Understanding the customer’s expectations and goals for the project.
    • Determining the purpose and usage requirements of the space.
    • Consideration of budget and time frame.
    • Determining the main design elements such as color palette, material selection, furniture and decoration elements.
İç Mimari Tasarım

Design / Concept / Project Development

    • Designing the concept in more detail.
    • Creation of technical drawings (3D, plans, sections, elevations).
    • Material selection and specifications.
    • Creating a lighting plan.
İç Mimari Tasarım

Workshop / Project Application

    • Production of furniture and all other material needs in our own workshop, in accordance with the selected concept/design, for which we make 3D modeling and manufacturing drawings.
    • Initiating construction and monitoring its progress.
      Managing material shipment and assembly.
      Ensuring quality control.
    • Monitoring the progress of the project within time and budget.
İç Mimari Tasarım

Completion and Decoration

    • Making the final touches of the interior and placing furniture and decoration items.
    • Adding details such as lighting, textiles, artwork.
    • Getting the space ready for use.
İç Mimari Tasarım

Delivery and Final Evaluation:

    • Final check visit with the customer and evaluation of the final version of the project.
    • Checking the customer’s satisfaction and compliance with the project’s success criteria.
    • Delivery of project documentation to the customer (drawings, user manuals, etc.).
İç Mimari Tasarım

1. First Interview and Needs Analysis:

During the first meeting, we start by understanding how the client wants to use the space, his wishes, needs and priorities.
We try to understand the client's lifestyle, color preferences and existing furniture.

İç Mimari Tasarım

2. Continuous Communication:

We keep communication channels open. We try to meet with the client regularly, share ideas and feedback, and create the opportunity to get the client's input at every stage of the design.

İç Mimari Tasarım

3. 3D modeling and Visual Tips:

We provide 3D modeling and visual references so they can better understand design ideas and concepts. Visual elements form the basis for the client to clarify their design vision.

İç mimari tasarım

4. Collaboration and Participation:

We care and value the client's ideas and contributions. We give them the opportunity to add their personal touches to the design. We cooperate and respect the ideas of the client to make joint decisions.

İç Mimari Tasarım

5. Material and Color Selection:

Understand the client's material and color preferences and offer options that suit our clients' tastes. We help the client make a decision by providing material samples and color suggestions.

İç Mimari Tasarım

6. Functionality of the Space:

We make sure that the design is not only aesthetic, but also functional and comfortable. We offer an arrangement suitable for the client's daily life.

7. Budget Consideration:

We take the client's budget into consideration during the design process and offer design solutions compatible with the needs and budget.
We determine costs by communicating clearly and at the beginning of the work.

İç Mimari Tasarım

8. Showing Project Progress:

We provide the client with regular updates on the progress of the design, showing how the design is evolving through photographs.

9. Delivery and Final Evaluation:

When the design is completed, we make a final check-up with the client and show the final version of the design. We receive feedback to measure customer satisfaction and complete the final touches.

The client’s liking of a residential interior design is possible if the design process focuses on the client’s needs, preferences and expectations. Good collaboration and communication can make the design process a more positive experience.

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